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Asia Fuck Dolls:Koy

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This week's Creampie Thais episode features 18-year-old fashion design student Koy. I picked up this petite fuck toy at an after-hours disco. That's the great thing about Thailand、 you'll have girls who are making an honest living during the day、 but then go out and fuck for money at night. Hey、 nothing wrong with a little supplemental income lol. I bring Koy to the nearest short time room and can't wait to get her naked. I take a little time to admire her perky titties and beautiful butterfly pussy. About 90lbs、 Koy fucks like a girl on a mission! On a mission to make your dick melt in her sweet Asian pussy. After getting drilled in a multitude of different positions、 Thai slut Koy begged me to shoot my seed deep inside her shaved butterfly pussy.