Sexy Disobedient Thai Whore Gets Brutally Fucked By Giant Cock

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Sexy Disobedient Thai Whore Gets Brutally Fucked By Giant Cock

Monger In Asia:Pui

タイトル:Sexy Disobedient Thai Whore Gets Brutally Fucked By Giant Cock
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Sexy Disobedient Thai Whore Gets Brutally Fucked By Giant Cock:Pui

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I know I’ve said it before、 but I love Nana Plaza in Bangkok. So many bikini bars and gogo bars all clustered in one area with hundreds of fresh、 fine pieces of fuckmeat dancing on stage for men's viewing pleasure…it's heaven on earth. I found Pui at one of these fine establishments shaking her juicy jugs and knew I had to take this whore home with me. *****I took Pui down from the stage、 bought her a drink、 and proceeded to "interview" her. And my interview basically consisted of sitting her on my lap、 fondling her jiggly ripe udders、 and poking and prodding her young little pussy under her skirt、 testing its quality and tightness. While examining her、 Pui just sat there and smiled、 giggling occasionally as my fingers passed over her clit. Good girl honey、 let the strong foreigner man do what he wants….*****Satisfied that Pui’s pussy was tight enough (and the rest of her body was in good condition) I talked to the mamasan and took Pui back with me to my hotel room. I didn't realize how pretty this whore was until we got back. I guess I was so focused on her tits、 pussy、 and ass that I didn't even really care about her face、 but upon closer examination in the hotel light、 she was absolutely stunning. Beautiful eyes、 perfect smile、 and a feminine hourglass body that just screamed fecundity. The type of girl you want to breed over and over again. *****However、 once it was time to get down to business、 it was like Jekyll and Hyde. I pulled out my big white cock、 pulsing with anticipation to breed this fine female、 and Pui turned into a total bitch. She insisted I wear a condom、 not only for boom-boom、 but also for the blowjob. What the fuck! I had never been so offended in my life. I’m sure this whore believed that because she was extra pretty and had giant natural funbags、 she should get special treatment. Well…I hate to break it to you honey、 but you’re not special. You’re a whore. Just a whore. *****After giving me one of the most uninspiring blowjobs of my life、 I decided to remind this snooty hooker what her true purpose in life was. I slid my giant cock into Pui’s tiny pussy and pounded away in multiple positions. She begged me for mercy、 pleading with me to “Cum now! Cum now please!、” but I don’t fall for that old bargirl trick. I paid good money to rent your body for the night and I’m gonna get my money’s worth. *****Convinced that she could take no more pounding or she would break、 I pulled out my dick、 removed the condom、 and instructed Pui to sit on the bed and bounce her big fat udders up and down for me. She reluctantly did as she was told、 but I could tell she was humiliated…and that turned me on even more. *****After she bounced her melons up and down for a couple minutes、 I finally unleashed a torrent of sperm all over her big globes. As my seed glistened all over her titties、 I could see the shame and humiliation on her face. It was glorious. Now go wash up Pui、 you need to have those titties nice and clean for your next customer. Tip? Hahaha sorry honey、 I already gave you a tip: a free lesson on how to be a better female.