Beautiful Blond Filipina Begs For Foreign Sperm

HD お色気 スリム 外国人 生ハメ 中出し ハメ撮り

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Beautiful Blond Filipina Begs For Foreign Sperm

Monger In Asia:Precious

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Tiny teen Precious had been employed as a Bangmaid for me for a few months and was a great worker. Small、 sexy、 and enthusiastic、 she worked tirelessly cleaning my house and my cock with a great attitude. But due to poor scheduling on my part、 I always scheduled her shifts during times of the month when she wasn’t fertile. I must’ve creampied little Precious 10 times but she never seemed to get pregnant. What a waste!*****Precious was certainly disappointed as she badly wanted to bear my baby. So I decided to reward the cute little cunt by knocking her up properly. I waited until the day of the month when she was at maximum fertility and brought her over to my apartment for a nice、 long breeding session. No housekeeping、 no laundry、 no dishes – just pure pussy pounding with an aim to impregnate!*****After a few months of working for me、 Precious had become a blowjob master、 sucking me slowly and deeply as I pumped her pretty face full of cock. And when it was time for coitus、 she took my cock like a bitch in heat、 moaning and swaying her hips like her body just couldn’t wait to receive my hot creamy load. When she was riding me、 it was like her animal instincts took over and her pussy muscles were trying to suck every drop of sperm out of my 9-inch rod.*****I finally couldn’t resist anymore and shot my hot sticky load deep into her tiny、 wet breeding hole. But instead of letting it drip out、 I made sure every drop remained deep inside her by corking her、 allowing my workmanlike sperm the maximum time to find and fertilize her egg. And wouldn’t you know it? This time it worked! A few months later she had the sexiest little baby bulge and was on the way to motherhood.

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